Monday, April 12, 2010

Seeing spots

When looking for a pair of tights, I've always seemed to stick with the opaque versions rather than going for the more traditional hose. I guess the sheer black or nude never found a way into my outfits, but after seeing decorated versions of the nylon classic pop up in magazines, on runways, and on fellow bloggers posts, I decided to test out a black dotted version. This weekend was a whirlwind of events, but one of the more memorable ones was the engagement photos I got to take with my fiance (pics to come). Since the weather was slightly chilly, I wanted to cover my legs a bit, but solid black seemed too heavy for the daytime shoot. Mixed with a grey chiffon dress and distressed leather heels, the dot nylons were a perfect way to add a bit of warmth, while keeping the outfit interesting. I found these at Target for only $7, but of course there are a range of prices and opacity to choose from...although I tend to snag my tights a bit too often and with a trendier item like this, the cheaper versions are pretty comparable to the more luxurious versions.

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