Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Under the stems

One of my favorite ways to treat myself is to buy fresh flowers on the weekend. I love walking through a farmer's market (or even the entrance of Trader Joe's) gazing at the rows of buckets filled with different blooms, colors, and heights. Choosing the flowers is the first fun step, but arranging them opens up a world of possibilities. Since I've tapped into my home decorating side, I often find myself flipping through design magazines rather than fashion glossies and one particular Martha Stewart Living reading session taught me how to create flower arrangements that actually fill a vase with a professional touch. The secret is under the flowers, where no one knows the secret of stability...a tape grid. So simple, I know, but after testing it a few times, I've found my weekend flower purchases to occur more often and with more variety. I like to stick with a small color scheme, 1-2 colors, but the key is using a short vase with stems clipped no longer than 6" or 7" and most of the leaves removed. Before you start adding the flowers, fill the vase with room temperature water and add a small spoonful of sugar, it keeps the flowers alive longer.

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