Friday, April 9, 2010

Wild blooms

I'm really trying not to dedicate this post to the fact that the weather has been beautiful these past few days and I have spent much of the glorious day outside basking in the sun...but let's just acknowledge that it is gorgeous right now! One of the best things about the turning season is the blooming trees and flowers that are beginning to scatter the hills of Los favorite part of Spring, wildflowers! They're vibrant, unexpected, completely free, and a handful of the mystery seeds produces fields of delicate petals. I love how the hills behind my apartment are suddenly yellow with hints of purple mixed among the brush. Even the little cracks in the sidewalk become home to orange blooms and golden trumpet flowers this time of year. On a recent trip to Target, I came across a bin full of wildflower seeds packed away in miniature burlap sacks. The addition of a medium sized votive holder made these two "dollar rack" purchases a perfect way to bring Spring's wild blooms into my house...or a perfect gift for a low maintenance gardener.

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