Friday, June 25, 2010

Kiwi and soda

Lately I've been in a recipe experimenting sort of mood. Last week was an adventure in dried chilies, these week I went for a pastry shop staple, and in honor of Friday...and happy hours will likely ensue...I'll share a kiwi, lime vodka & soda cocktail I created over the weekend. The recipe was once again inspired by a little Martha Stewart Living reading, but after my attempt to buy the limeade, in the ingredients list, failed, I decided to use the essence of Martha, rather than copy here. I started by peeling two kiwis and pureeing them in a blender shortly to form a bit of juice. In a low glass, muddle 1 kiwi slice, half a lime, and top with ice. Add a bit of the kiwi puree, top with vodka (I'll let you decide how much you want), then add a splash of soda water. Garnish with 1 kiwi slice. The drink was refreshing and pleasantly tart...and slightly deceiving as to how much alcohol was really mixed in.

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