Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rompers & museums

This past weekend Paul and I had our first houseguest and to show him a bit more of the state, we took a trip to the Henry Ford Museum. I had never been and basically pictured a hangar filled with vintage Model T's, but was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the museum of historic Americana was housed in a gorgeous estate. Chandeliers lined the intricately carved entryways and large picture windows framed the lush green gardens outside. I spent a lot of the time photographing the original hardwood floors and black & white tiled foyers, but looked up just in time to get some detailed shots of immaculate GTO engines and polished presidential cars.

When I know the day will consist of a lot of sightseeing, I like to pick an outfit that is comfortable and for me, a romper is my first pick. Anything that has an attached top and bottom and cuts my dressing time in half pretty much wins in the clothing selection battle. I picked up this simple black one a few weeks ago from H&M, threw on a denim shirt and some t-strap flats (both from Urban Outfitters), and finished it with a leopard belt from Target. Check out some more black rompers here, it's my color pick for a great day to night outfit.

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