Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tourists in Denver

I am a big fan of nature, natural landmarks, and the overall sense that the terrain before you was carved organically, so I wasn't too sure how I would feel about a state that is a giant geometric square. After driving through Colorado, I was able to overlook the man-made boundaries and completely fall in love the mountainous state, its clean air, and openly healthy approach to life. We pulled into Denver mid afternoon and spent the rest of the evening exploring downtown and its different mini districts. To give us a starting point Paul literally typed "Denver hipster spots" into Google and poof we found ourselves infront of the best Goodwill I've ever seen and Colorado's answer to Fred 62, Sputnik, all nestled near Dailey Park on Broadway. After an incredibly cheap drink, we wandered over to Delight. The extended bar of tapas restaurant, Deluxe, this next door neighbor offers a smaller selection of the same food with a long cocktail list that can be enjoyed near the huge opened windows along the street.

...and because we were on vacation...and no dinner is complete without dessert...a trip to the gourmet ice cream shop Sweet Action was in order. I went for pistachio, while Paul opted for the more unusual Stranahans Whiskey Brickle, but the flavor choices ventured even further into foodie land with choices like Coconut Curry and Strawberry Balsamic (check out some of their other flavors here).

We both left the next morning packed with a few extra shopping bags, a sugar high, and the promise to come back the the mile high city.

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