Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Italian cookies

The best part about having people over is buying the desserts that end the meal. It's always something you never buy for yourself and because I like to think those indulgences don't effect anything on the healthy eating plan, I tend to end the night a little more jittery than earlier in the day. I've enjoyed some delights from the Eagle Rock Italian Bakery before, but never experienced an actual visit to the classic bake house. The scent wafted down the street and through the front door and I quickly learned why patrons actually enjoy standing in line longer than expected.

A few boxes of cream filled cakes later...and a little packages of Italian cookies for the ride sweet tooth was preparing for quite an eventful night.

The classic flavors that run through all of these traditional cookies is usually anise, lemon, or almond. For a fun bakery experience at home, try making pizzelle. They can be flavored with any of the common extracts and have a perfect lacy crunch. I made these last winter using the antiqued and flour coated recipe card from my Grandma's one and only pizzelle, you can't find the recipe online...anywhere... but try this one for a similar taste.

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