Thursday, October 28, 2010

Party how to: Pumpkin theme

I promise this is my last post about Halloween. The holiday is finally here, which means after this weekend I will no longer mention pumpkins, skeletons, or fun size candy bars...unless I find a way to implement those things into my life permanently. Last weekend, after discovering that pumpkins were buy one get on free at the store, Paul and I had a few people over to carve the orange gourds and sip some Fall themed cocktails. Our living room was full of tasty treats, the kitchen table was mounded with stringy insides and oval seeds, and it all came together with a few little pieces of decoration and some easy recipes.

A few appetizers from the store, quick bites that have become my staples in the kitchen, a new cocktail, and a sweet treat from a friend made the food selection gourmet but casual

Dark purple napkins and curry orange plates in different designs added a little more interest than the usual bright orange and black

A table filled with pumpkins, knives, and templates let everyone pick their favorite and carve together

pumpkin bits and pieces and a bowl full of seeds

The perfect glow


  1. Dear Jaclyn,

    I just found your blog via IFb and honestly am quite surprised. You have been blogging for quite some time and how come we have not come across each other's blogs not even once?

    Anyway just wanted to give you a shout out because your blog is the perfect read for someone like me who likes to see a little bit of everything. Although I blog mostly about fashion and travel and stopped writing in my recipe blog because my photos do not look half as good as yours.

    I tremendously enjoyed all the Halloween related post as I do not celebrate Halloween yet but certainly plan to do so next year.

    I just became your newest follower. Hope we can stay in touch.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  2. love it, jaclyn! :) i want the bacon wrapped apricot and the tart recipes, please! btw-i have those purple target napkins too. so cute. xo


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