Monday, November 1, 2010

Classic beige

Blue jeans, ballet flats, button downs, and blazers...all things that have become staples in my closet (and many other fashion lovers closets) and are known to reside in the classic wardrobe piece category. I've been working to make my closet more timeless and while I do have my fair share of bedazzled tops and jumpsuits, I've managed to make room for the soft sweaters, little black dresses, and straight leg denim that will always be my go-to picks. The latest addition on my path to timlessness is the trench coat. Beige and buckled, I instantly feel put together with this piece. The buttons are in the right spot, the lining is recognizably plaid (no, not that plaid...but rather the less expensive version) and the belt ties just the way it has for so many years.

Jacket, London Fog; Blouse, vintage; Jeans, Forever 21, Bracelet, vintage; Shoes, Urban Outfitters; Bag, Marc Jacobs

...and thank you to the lovely Miss Vinyl Ahoy and Vogue Vintage for taking these photos and making our little meet up at What Crepe so much fun!


  1. I love your outfit :) And I had had so much fun! (minus the parking ticket, which I paid on Sunday!) We have to do it again soon, but maybe not in Royal Oak :)

  2. I like the way you edited these photos! Lets plan one for November! I had a really nice time!



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