Thursday, November 4, 2010

In the bag

While I love experimenting in the kitchen, pulling out recipes, and mastering things I have never tired before, that approach often ends up in a large amount of my utensils and pans coated with something, shoved in the sink waiting to be cleaned. Last night I tested out the effortless cooking method known as en papillote then stared at my empty sink questioning what needed to be cleaned...nothing! Wrapped in parchment paper and placed in the oven my little packet of fish, herbs, and sauce bubbled away for mere minutes and was cleaned up with one flick of the trash can lid. I cheated a bit on this dinner and went to fish market to have them package and crimp the packet to restaurant quality perfection, but after seeing how easy it was to make...and enjoy, I'm bagging all of my dinners.

Cut parchment paper into a rectangle or circle. Start with chicken or fish (try this recipe for a fish similar to mine), place on a bed of rice or veggies, top with oil or sauce of your choice. Fold paper in half, covering your little mound to form a packet. Begin crimping little folds at one end, slowly wrapping around the outside until sealed. Cook at 375 degrees for 15 minutes.

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