Monday, November 22, 2010


Skirt, BCBG; Blouse, Zara; Shoes, Michael; Clutch; vintage

Everyone told me that at 25 they had a bit of a life crises and judging on the amount of people who have wished me a happy quarter of a century years old I feel as though I should be acting a bit older. I have my fair share of bows and as hard as I try, I will always be slightly drawn to the flowered headband section of Forever 21, but I'm also falling for sleek lines and feminine dressing, like the lines of a simple skirt or blouse. For a concert this weekend I tested out my ladylike skills and decided to act the part of an age that can now be counted in terms of centuries...even if I came home only to curl back up in my pj's.


  1. I like this look! So sophisticated! Adorable shoes too!


  2. This is so chic and beautiful! I feel like ladylike dressing typically ages young girls, but this is so youthful, now I feel like throwing on a pencil skirt and calling myself Joan Holloway! ;-)

  3. You look gorgeous! I love the whole outfit! The clutch and shoes are so cute. Did you wear this to dinner?

    BTW the mirror is soooo pretty and so is the display. This is my fav post.


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