Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Slightly obsessed with

Camembert Le Rustique from Trader Joes. Inexpensive, French, and packed in a littler wooden box with gingham lining...it was meant to be.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tied with a bow

With my Thanksgiving feast quickly moving into the past, I'm getting ready for the approaching holiday festivities and all of the decorating, shopping, and cooking that comes with it. This last week spent at home was a perfect gathering of family and friends and even as I sat on the plane (fumbling around with Paul's computer...missing my Mac and Photoshop) I was thinking ahead to the events and the outfits that will accompany this holiday season. To me, something dark, luxurious, and usually involving a sparkle or a gem seems necessary and what better way to celebrate a month of ribbons and wrapping paper than to wear a little jewelry inspired by gift boxes? Whether it's a necklace bundled with pearls, chiffon bows, or tied with a velvet chord, the cozy holiday seems perfect for some statement making accessories.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nature's decor

1. Gold Wishbone, Jayson Home & Garden, $48
2. Metallic Leaves, Crate & Barrel, $7
3. Salt and Pepper Shakers, Michael Aram, $99
4. Birch Candlepot, Crate & Barrel, $11
5. Vintage Antler, Jayson Home & Garden, $150
6. Candleholder, Michael Aram, $190

The holidays mean pulling out the extra chairs, ironing linen napkins that usually remain hidden in the closet, and pulling down the china from the top cabinet, but one of the more enjoyable tasks is decorating the table. This year, I was inspired by natural elements done in an unexpected material, like figs cast in gold and webbed leaves dusted in silver. Taking natural elements and surrounding the Thanksgiving table with outdoor goods seems like a rustic yet luxurious way to set the table.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Herbes de provence popovers

I love getting gifts that I never expect, things that seem everyday, but you never seem to buy for yourself. One of my bday treats was a tin of herbes de provence, an amazing mixture of dried herbs and lavender that I had been meaning to add to my go-to spices. Over the weekend I tested out the blend on some roasted veggies (um, those were definitely the highlight of my lunch the other day), but in the spirit of the approaching day of feasting, I thought a recipe that was a bit more special was called for. I decided to go with popovers, the bronzed airy poufs that break open to reveal a spongy eggy bread. I used a recipe for parmesan popovers that didn't require a special pan and could be blended with one switch of the blender. Twenty five minutes later, the kitchen smelled sweet with a touch of savory as I picked out the warm bread. The extra pops will definitely be another welcome addition to tomorrow's leftovers.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Skirt, BCBG; Blouse, Zara; Shoes, Michael; Clutch; vintage

Everyone told me that at 25 they had a bit of a life crises and judging on the amount of people who have wished me a happy quarter of a century years old I feel as though I should be acting a bit older. I have my fair share of bows and as hard as I try, I will always be slightly drawn to the flowered headband section of Forever 21, but I'm also falling for sleek lines and feminine dressing, like the lines of a simple skirt or blouse. For a concert this weekend I tested out my ladylike skills and decided to act the part of an age that can now be counted in terms of centuries...even if I came home only to curl back up in my pj's.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Birthday shine

1. Kate Spade $325
2. J.Crew $495
3. J.Crew $25
4. French Connection $298
5. Kurt Keiger $138
6. Urban Expressions $59
7. Haute Hippie $475

It only happens once a year, therefore, birthdays are a time to celebrate. Today I celebrate my 25th year and in honor of my little day of glory I felt that some sparkly indulgences were necessary. While I don't advise wearing all of these pieces at once, mixed in with everyday staples, these bits of glitter can make any outfit shine a bit more.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wedding treasures on Wedzu

Sellers left to right: Ready Go, Melangerie, and Dodeline Design

Etsy is undoubtedly the best place to look for one of a kind pieces and now that I'm pretty heavily into wedding planning mode, a lot of my internet searching seems to happen among the accessories, gifts, and jewelry pages of the handmade site. While I'm already dedicated to the crafter's site, once the wedding search gets going, I find myself linking to all sorts of big day websites, looking for the next bit of inspiration. During one of those moments I popped onto Wedzu, a site dedicated to selling indie and handmade wedding goods. Every seller is an independent designer, supplying brides and grooms with everything from the jewelry to the custom ties for the groomsmen (some of my favorite pieces are this blue ring and this playful cake banner). I'm thinking of adding a few of my tote bags to the wedding shop, but for now the online shop has a permanent place on my wedding search list.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Breathing room

I can easily get stuck in my routine and before I know it, the week has passed, my emails have not been answered, and the pile of clothes at the foot of the bed just won't fit into the hamper. This past weekend I decided to step back from the craziness and indulge in the things I love to do, that often get lost in the routine. For me, it was pulling out my tucked away watercolors and finally making use of the inspirational photos I had torn from the monthly magazines (yes those were also stacked quite high). It was only a small moment, but the perfect way to use a bit of needed creativity.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wide brims

Hat by Hat Attack

I've seemed to have started a small collection of hats over my shopping past, knitted beanies, sturdy brimmed fedoras, and even a classic beret (although I can't help but feel a little in costume when I wear it). I can always calm an unruly hair day by grabbing for whatever feels comfortable, but the style I always pay a bit more attention to is the wide brimmed soft hat. Somewhere between a fedora, desert hat, and eye grazing seventies suede comes the floppy hat, not long enough to catch the wind, but just enough length to peer out unnoticed.

Left to right:
Forever 21 - $15
Hat Attack - $64
Rag & Bone - $140
Hat Attack - $48

I'm always looking for fun new styles to try, anyone have a hat they love wearing or wish they could try?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gilded fall

1. Target, Paza Oval Mirror, $330
2. Crate & Barrel, Lima Alpaca Throw, $169
3. Jonathan Adler, Futura Large Bowl, $225
4. Crate & Barrel, Mini Amethyst Hurricane, $11
5. Anthropologie, 11 Reasons to Love Me wallpaper, $198
6. Jayson Home & Garden, Gold Lancaster Teapot, $42

There's something about the changing seasons that make me want to fill my home with warm scents and rich colors. Deep hues and spicy scents instantly make me feel cozy, but instead of turning to the normal burned red and orange colors, I've fallen in love with the combination of deep purple and gold. The metallic adds a luxe touch while the purple is a perfect cold weather adaption of a summery shade.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Leek and mushroom risotto

I'm slightly obsessed with cooking shows and have watched enough to prep, saute, and serve the semi-homemade way, in 30 minutes, for the Hamptons crowd, even on $10 a day. Every show has their own approach and pearls of wisdom to pass onto those who don't have mini prep bowls filled with pre-measured and chopped ingredients, but all of them agree that when making risotto, unless you want rice paste, you have to stir continuously. I used the roll my eyes at this adage, "aren't they a little paranoid?" I would think to myself, well no, they aren't and last night's preparation of leek and mushroom risotto was enough to never let me question the Food Network wisdom again.

It doesn't take many steps and the fact that the entire meal is made with one pot is quite nice, but the sizzling sounds of rice and tough scrapes with the spoon kept me on my toes. A few repetitions of pour, stir, repeat and I got the hang of it, the rice came together, and little Italian voices of praise rang in my head.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In the leaves

As you've already seen here, I am in love with anything camel colored this season. The neutral color works with almost every pattern, fabric, and cut. I may even consider it the lighter version of dressing in black...dare I say, replacement for black all together? After browsing through a few coats that were well over my seasonal budget, I tucked my idea of having the camel hue in there with my window shopping dreams and moved on. Then came along this little number and the jacket was bought and bagged before I realized I put it in my cart.

Jacket, Target; Sweater, H&M; Skirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shoes, H&M

Also, since my weekend flew by and left no time to actually do what I was supposed to do, I failed to pick out my 30x30 outfits... damn you procrastination. Check out the other bloggers who are participating in Kendi Everyday's month long style challenge.

Monday, November 8, 2010

From morning 'til night

My routines are fairly simple and I'm sure mirror many other mid twenty individuals. Rush out of the house in the morning...crash into bed at night...coffee in hand throughout, but somewhere in those hurried activities I've found a way to squeeze in those beauty routines that so many magazines tell us are the key to looking fresh and cause women to exclaim "I looked younger in minutes"...also known as my morning and night routines.

In the morning: "That Gal" primer by Benefit, Erase Paste by Benefit, Stay Matte powder by Rimmel, LashBlast Fusion by Cover Girl.

At night: Vitiamin E nail oil by Sally Hansen, Ponds dry skin cream, Gold Bond foot cream. While my nighttime routine looks like I'm a little obsessed with moisture, waking up to soft hands and feet and smooth skin is well worth the pre-slumber applications.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

In the bag

While I love experimenting in the kitchen, pulling out recipes, and mastering things I have never tired before, that approach often ends up in a large amount of my utensils and pans coated with something, shoved in the sink waiting to be cleaned. Last night I tested out the effortless cooking method known as en papillote then stared at my empty sink questioning what needed to be cleaned...nothing! Wrapped in parchment paper and placed in the oven my little packet of fish, herbs, and sauce bubbled away for mere minutes and was cleaned up with one flick of the trash can lid. I cheated a bit on this dinner and went to fish market to have them package and crimp the packet to restaurant quality perfection, but after seeing how easy it was to make...and enjoy, I'm bagging all of my dinners.

Cut parchment paper into a rectangle or circle. Start with chicken or fish (try this recipe for a fish similar to mine), place on a bed of rice or veggies, top with oil or sauce of your choice. Fold paper in half, covering your little mound to form a packet. Begin crimping little folds at one end, slowly wrapping around the outside until sealed. Cook at 375 degrees for 15 minutes.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Image from www.leanos.net

Back at home I used to love visiting Olvera Street, searching through the tightly packed stores, and ending the trip with a bite at one of the tucked away restaurants. One of my favorite things to look at was the Day of the Dead art and figurines. The little skeletons depicting everyday life painted in vibrant colors and arranged in small vignettes would always inspire me to decorate my place in the same bright hues and traditional themes found around the Los Angeles landmark. In honor of today's holiday, I thought I'd share a great project, with a little California flair, from last year by artists Artemio Rodriguez and John Jota Leanos. Inspired by car culture and a way to commemorate hurricane Katrina victims, the '68 Impala named El Muertorider is a little taste of modern day Dia de los Muertos.

Classic beige

Blue jeans, ballet flats, button downs, and blazers...all things that have become staples in my closet (and many other fashion lovers closets) and are known to reside in the classic wardrobe piece category. I've been working to make my closet more timeless and while I do have my fair share of bedazzled tops and jumpsuits, I've managed to make room for the soft sweaters, little black dresses, and straight leg denim that will always be my go-to picks. The latest addition on my path to timlessness is the trench coat. Beige and buckled, I instantly feel put together with this piece. The buttons are in the right spot, the lining is recognizably plaid (no, not that plaid...but rather the less expensive version) and the belt ties just the way it has for so many years.

Jacket, London Fog; Blouse, vintage; Jeans, Forever 21, Bracelet, vintage; Shoes, Urban Outfitters; Bag, Marc Jacobs

...and thank you to the lovely Miss Vinyl Ahoy and Vogue Vintage for taking these photos and making our little meet up at What Crepe so much fun!