Wednesday, January 26, 2011

La Rosette

I love testing out fancy drinks at hidden bars, watching the bartender craft something with flavors I have never tried, thinking I should really update my bar at home to make it feel a bit special. Because of this, every time I would walk into a liquor store I would gawk at the fluted St. Germain bottle nestled among the other European delights. The bottle and design are perfectly antiqued and the elderflower flavor always sounded like such a refreshing and unexpected taste. This past weekend I finally broke down and bought a bottle to test out a cocktail I had been dying to try, La Rosette. It's incredibly simple, just a splash of the liqueur topped with champagne, but garnished with a fresh blackberry and served on a vintage silver tray, I felt like I was being treated to a bit of luxe cocktailing.


  1. Those look really refreshing, and chic. Putting this on my list to try sometime!

  2. how pretty, you take such good photos. I don't really drink but really admire the packaging of fancy european spirits.

  3. i LOVE st germain!! it's one of my favorite mixers.

    try mixing with a little bit of white wine and seltzer. a dash of grenadine for some color :)



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