Monday, January 30, 2012

Sparkling cocktail picks

Tools: Martha Stewart smokey quartz glitter, Martha Stewart glue and sealer, bamboo skewers, red pom poms

I've slowly started to put a few red and pink inspired decorations around the house. Not too much, jut a simple silver bowl of sweets, chipboard letters over the window and small tea lights nestled in with the usual coffee table centerpiece, but the saddest part of decorating is knowing that your hard work only lasts a few weeks before it gets boxed away for next year. This is why I decided to craft a little bit of red sparkle that I could live with well after the 14th has passed, more specifically, a little embellishment for the bar. Using long skewers, red pom poms, and a smokey glitter I put together sparkling cocktail picks that add a little glamour to an evening cocktail. Collected in a simple jar, they're an addition I plan on repeating well after February has passed.

1. Poke a small hole into to pom pom using the sharp end of a skewer, set aside.

2. Using clear glue, paint a light coat of adhesive over the last 2-3 inches of the skewer.

3. Roll end in glitter until adhesive is completely covered. Dab the end of the skewer in a dot of glue.

4. Insert the pom pom into the glued end of the skewer, holding for a few seconds to set.

5. Place point side down into a jar until completely dry, repeat with remaining pom poms. After all are completed, start mixing some cocktails and enjoy!


  1. These are SO cute!! Totally want to recreate! :)

  2. How cute are these :), I love what you did!

  3. How gorgeous! :) Love your step by step pics; did you take them? If so, you're super awesome! :D

  4. oh this is really freakin' cute! i love IT!

  5. um cutest idea ever!

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  7. What a great idea! I needed something like this during NYE. Fab.

    Your newest follower



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