Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Life lately

A welcoming sign hung in the bedroom

I've mentioned before that I love adding little trinkets and bits of design around my home. Whether it's a simple book for the table, displaying a rather impressive restaurant card, or offering a shining bowl of sweets purely for temptation, the small things are what create a welcoming environment. Lately I've been enjoying the excess of reds and pinks along with quiet moments over really good cups of coffee and as the week pushes on, I'm looking forward to enjoying these little vignettes once the day winds down.

Vintage pieces of costume jewelry

A silver bowl of festive sweets

An incredibly charming book of short stories

The perfect afternoon break from Comet Coffee

A takeaway from a Detroit food staple


  1. absolutely gorgeous jewelry! I could stare at vintage jewels all day

  2. YUM. Gotta love Slows :) :) :)
    Love, Leigh

  3. Love love love the garland. I am a garland-a-holic.


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