Monday, March 12, 2012

Life lately

Mini lemon and chocolate raspberry tarts

This weekend was the first real taste of Spring. Sunny days, runners everywhere, and a general sense that lightweight cardigans and cuffed jeans are acceptable wardrobe options from now on. I know I'm jinxing the whole thing, but the mild days made me ready for the season ahead. A fresh coat of nailpolish, a colorful skirt, flowering scents throughout the house, and some sweet treats are just a few of the ways I've been gearing up for the changing days ahead. I even dove right in to swim season by trying on my first few bathing suits during an impromptu shopping trip.

Appetizer night complete with wine

Pearl and gold bow earrings on display in my room

A fresh manicure and pedicure in bright colors. Hands are Chanel June and feet are OPI Dutch Tulips

A striped skirt purchased on a recent Old Navy trip

Just a reminder, I'm picking a winner tonight for the Sneak Peeg giftcard giveaway, so make sure to enter here. It's a perfect opportunity to pick up some fun new things for Spring!

Also, next week I'm going to be doing a special on Spring Cleaning (organization, sprucing up, and a little closet cleaning to make room for those new outfits) and I'd love to hear some of your tried and true cleaning and organizational tips. I'll be featuring people's answers all next week, so make sure to email me what you'll be doing to get ready for the new season and you might be featured on my blog!


  1. Lovely snippets from yiur life! I've gone mad for drawer organisers at the mo - there's nothing better than opening a drawer and being able to see all the contents neatly compartmentalised. Or is that just me..?!
    Emma x

  2. Looks like such a nice weekend! Love the photos :)

    Be Frassy

  3. Love the mani/pedi! Beautiful color on your toes :)

  4. looks like a wonderful life! :)

    ps: that first photo made me hungry. thanks, so much.

  5. OK those tarts look beyond delicious!! And I am loving that skirt!

  6. I'm in love with your skirt, such a cute look.

  7. "lightweight cardigans and cuffed jeans are acceptable wardrobe options from now on" - so true, lol, despite what the weather may say.

  8. Sounds like an absolutely fabulous weekend, and a perfect start to spring!

  9. Cute tidbits! My tried and true closet clean out strategy: try every single thing on. I do it once or twice a year and it stops fashion sins from lurking. that and underbed storage boxes for out of season items!


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