Friday, March 2, 2012

Margarita moss

1. Juicy Couture, ribbon and chain bracelet
2. Mia Limited Edition, Audrey flat
3. Jonathan Adler, Fig "Pop" candle
4. Anthropologie, Lakarri curtain
5. Current Elliot, ankle skinny zip jeans
6. Chloe, L'Eau de Chloe

I love following the Pantone colors, flipping through the decks of swatches, lining up coordinating shades, and styling my layouts based on the vibrant colors that pique my interest. Since seasonal colors have been popping up in stores, wardrobes, and editorials everywhere, I thought I would pick out a few pieces that were been inspired by the Spring color trends. I love the fresh mossy shade of a muted green and while pops of neon and bright yellows and pinks are always fun, an understated hue can be just as interesting. Delicate flats, patterned curtains, and an extremely dreamy garden scent are a few of the Spring greens I'm looking forward to.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, make sure to check out more of my recent obsessions and colorful loves on Currently Obsessed and Pinterest


  1. I really love this color and think it's super flattering. Really love that bracelet and those flats!

  2. OH what a pretty color! Love the curtains!

  3. Great picks! I'm loving all of the pastel colors for Spring!

  4. I love these colors! Moss green isn't a color you hear being described very often, but I love it. Great picks! <3


  5. This shade is simply gorgeous, and I love your round up! Enjoy the weekend!

  6. I love green - and spring! Now if only the snow would leave so we could enjoy some warmer weather!
    Happy Saturday!

  7. Just found your blog through Blog Brunch and I think it's sweeet =)

    ps green is most definitely my favorite color

  8. Look who else is on that color denim train :) love those greenies! great the fonts.

    xx Shaunna @


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