Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning Week: Little changes

This week has been such a fun experience. I've had a great time sharing some cleaning, organizing, and inspiration tips with all of you, plus it's been wonderful hearing your own spruce up rituals. Today, to wrap everything up, I thought I would share a few little changes that can make a big impact. It doesn't always have to be a re-painted room or a complete closet overhaul to welcome the new season. In fact, a special flower arrangement can give that same fresh sparkle around the house.

It looks scary, but taking everything off the counter, wiping it down, then putting it all back is a quick way to spruce up the area and reconsider exactly what you need on display.

Elevate your groceries by giving them something to sit on. Simple tangerines look succulent and decor worthy when lined up on a small square cake pedestal. Add a bright tablecloth to your everyday dining area and the colors pop even more.

Even the little things like knobs and coasters need a good scrub. Next time you are washing the dishes, grab a stack of coasters or pull off the oven knobs, give them a quick scrub and let them air dry before replacing. The little pieces are surprisingly more noticeable when they give off a little gleam.

Finish everything off with flowers. It's amazing how a simple vase of bright blooms can completely transform a room. Here I chose a low square vessel, used this little lattice trick, and popped in one variety of flowers. The yellow cheered up my office and the simple style kept everything light.

I hope everyone enjoyed Spring Cleaning Week. As always, follow along on Twitter, Pinterest and Currently Obsessed to see what I'm looking forward to this Spring. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I really loved this week's posts, so much fun. I started yesterday my spring cleaning and it goes really well, so relaxing :).

  2. LOVE the cake stand!! I am dying for one for my counter :) I enjoyed your spring cleaning week - you are always full of ideas and inspiration!

  3. It´s great to see what you are doing in this blog.

  4. So, I just found your blog and I kind of love it. And this series is exactly what I needed to read...I feel burned out right now, but you've inspired me to get started on the Spring cleaning. Thanks for that :)

    And I can't wait to follow this little blog of yours! Off to explore a little!



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