Friday, May 11, 2012

Life lately

My favorite sign hanging in the bedroom
Whenever I spend a weekend traveling I always feel like the next few weeks are spent playing one big game of catch up. The Summer is quickly getting into full swing and as the days fill up and work drives on, I find myself savoring the calm moments that are shared over drinks, arranging a fresh vase of flowers, or sitting on the bed chatting with family and friends. I've finally gotten on the Instagram bandwagon, so snapping these lovely moments has definitely become an easy addiction to feed. Here are a few of the things that have piqued my interest and provided moments of calm over the past week.

A gold striped phone case to add a little glamour to each phone call 

Fresh red spray roses and purple hyacinth 

Perfected my margarita recipe (sharing that one with you soon)
This weekend I'll be catching up on projects, but will definitely savor a few extra moments snoozing under the covers and getting away from the computer. I hope all mother's out there have an amazing weekend celebrating their day!


  1. I know how you feel, you need some time to rest & catch up on things when you've been away for a while. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. this weekend i will be selling my life on ebay

  3. That sign in the bedroom is very sweet.


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