Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A chat with designer Ella Swenson of Ella Sven

I was recently introduced to Ella Swenson, creator of the incredible clothing line, Ella Sven and was completely blown away by her dedication to classically made clothes that she has re-imagines as high fashion pieces of art. Hand stitched beading, delicately painted embellishments, and an eye for tailoring have turned her brand into a quickly growing company that involves clothing, jewelry, perfume, and a newly launched online shop. After visiting her growing studio I had to share the treasures she has collected in order to design a space that completely embodies the Ella Sven woman and the wardrobe that you would find her wearing.

Ella began working in the fashion industry then took some time off to fully search for the direction in which she wanted to go, one that would fulfill her need for art and creativity. As a vintage enthusiast, she began collecting racks and racks of clothing, eventually finding herself with a comprehensive collection with which she could build the foundation of her company. She has always been drawn to a unique beauty that isn't overly girly, but rather has a touch of something disheveled, a hint of darker things, and an underlying love for natural elements. Her photoshoots completely embody this idea as seen in her professionally staged shots around some of Detroit's forgotten, yet beautiful settings.

To Ella, the beauty of clothes is found in old world traditions, hand stitched elements and touches found in the studios of high fashion lines. After working with professional gown makers, Ella has fully transformed her incredible vintage finds into pieces that stand out in wardrobes and provide a look that no one else will be wearing.

In the studio we chatted about her thoughts on fall and where the collection will be going. She noted finding inspiration in the classic colors found during the season, but focused more on the muted and browning shades of the dying leaves and branches, an unconventional beauty that also currently covers the main table of her studio. Fur and leather are big influences this season as seen in a perfectly tailored leather jacket with fur elements that I couldn't help but return to again and again while in her studio. Wandering through the racks of clothes and perusing her recently finished jewelry line (statement making driftwood and gold leaf pendants) I could see her appreciation for art and design grace every tabletop and shelf. One-of-a-kind perfume bottles that will hold the hand crafted perfume she created with Lartigue by Goest, delicate triangle charms to represent her company logo, even a leather satchel she uses to hold the days necessities were a few of the things found tucked away. Together they all create a picture of the woman and the brand behind Ella Sven.

Thanks Ella for letting us wander through your studio and sharing your company with us! Her online shop is up and running so make sure to sop by to see the line at

All photos by HMN Photography

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