Monday, November 19, 2012

An intimate holiday dinner

When I picture entertaining and hosting dinner parties, a vision of clinking glasses, melted taper candles, and lush flowers comes to mind. An intimate event with a candlelit glow sets the scene for an evening that makes guests feel comfortable and welcome, while creating a table that can last through many courses...and many bottles of wine. Heather from HMN Photography and I set out to recreate this feel with a holiday inspired luxurious dinner influenced by cold nights and close friends. Rustic elements like willow branches, rosemary, and hydrangea leaves were woven below plates of cheese, bowls of cranberries, and platters of fruit. Little bowls of different treats were scattered among the table to allow everyone to get a little taste and grab bites of food between conversations with their neighboring seats. The tablescape painted the perfect picture of an intimate holiday and as the photoshoot went on, the warm setting progressed to a scene of silverware resting on food filled plates, half full wine bottles, and cheese boards left with crumbs of parmesan and figs. In the end, Heather's wonderful photos and a table that held everything I imagined an intimate dinner party would offer recreated that sound and feel of clinking glasses, a candlelit glow, and endless chatter.

Styling: Jaclyn Giuliano
Photos: HMN Photography


  1. The setting just looks so lush and cozy... You can totally envision everyone hanging around chatting for hours with their wine even after the meal is finished. Love it. xo

  2. So beautiful! I love the idea of decorating with rosemary and cranberries...I'm going to tuck this idea away for the future :)

  3. These table settings are beautiful - and not fussy (which so many can be). Lovely!


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