Friday, November 30, 2012

Life lately

The Chandelier Tree in Silverlake
I'm heading back to Ann Arbor tomorrow to finish up the last bits of moving before getting everything truly settled into a new routine in LA. Much like the week prior, this week has been packed with dinners, new places, and continued birthday celebrating. It was also weighed down by endless apartment hunting, but I am happy to say we have signed a leased and are officially Los Angeles renters! Anyone who is currently house hunting, I feel your pain. I also took some time to splurge on a few things in the form of new clothes and sweets. Not much, but just a bit to keep the packed week going (strict spending freeze goes into effect asap!). Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm off to get my fill of some Ann Arbor favorites before I leave. Also, I hope everyone is enjoying the blog schedule so far. We have decor on Monday, food on Wednesday, and snapshots on Friday. Get ready for more topics as well!

An abundance of mini cookies from my favorite Beverly Blvd bakery Susina
Some fancy new Kate Spade pumps
A final birthday toast


  1. Yay so excited for you! I am so happy that you found a place.

  2. beautiful pics.those pumps look so gorgeous!

  3. Love those cute Kate Spade pumps, I just posted about my love affair with Kate Spade today.

    You picked a good weekend for a midwest visit, we're supposed to have beautiful fall weather.


    Kristina does the Internets

  4. Welcome back to LA! No more freezing your buns off! Give my best to Paul. Love,
    Susan Baxter

  5. I hope you enjoy your weekend! I am really loving this new blog schedule. :-) Congratulations on signing a lease -- I know how stressful the whole looking process can be.

  6. MMM! Those cookies look scrumtious. I hope your weekend is a lovely one! xx. McKenna Lou

  7. Love the new Kate pumps! GORGEOUS!!

    New follower!

  8. Those Kate Spade flats are adorable! Happy Birthday!


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