Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The go-to Ann Arbor dinner spot

Ann Arbor is definitely a foodie town with it's mix of restaurants featuring different ethnicities, endless brewery options, and down-and-dirty classic spots. However, there is one resto I visit nearly once (ok probably twice) a week for crispy pizza and cocktails with an Italian flair. Mani Osteria has become the happy hour, date night dinner, late night cocktail go-to ever since it opened it's doors to floods of people cramming around the bar hoping to get a seat. The back of the restaurant showcases a buzzing restaurant featuring a glowing brick oven popping out one gourmet pizza after the next. Paul and I bring anyone who visits to this corner restaurant if only to brag about the gourmet yet approachable Italian that is served. Each plate is meant to be shared and appetizers like meatballs served in a blazing mini cast iron skillet are quickly divided among hungry diners. The pizzas are perfectly crispy and range from classic prosciutto and arugula to truffle and egg. Our number on pick is the red onion, goat cheese, and pistachio version, something I'm trying to tackle on my own at home. Paired with Paul's cocktail pick, a Negroni, and my favorite, For a Few Dollars More, the meal is definitely worthy of a repeat visit during the week.

Wood stacked underneath the pizza bar seats that offers a look into the kitchen
Also, keep an eye out for their Mexican restaurant, Isalita, opening next door!


  1. Awesome - love finding new spots! I'm from Birmingham so I'm just a quick drive away from Ann Arbor whenever I go home. I'll have to check this place out!
    Isn’t That Charming.


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