Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Truffled hasselback potatoes

They look like little hedgehogs, others call them accordions, but the real name of these potatoes comes from a Stockholm restaurant with the same moniker. Hasselback potatoes take a standard white potato and dresses them up with perfectly roasted and crunchy slits. I made these a few weekends ago for a dinner party with girlfriends and absolutely loved the comforting flavor of the finished product that I had to make them again. Branching off of this recipe I classed things up a bit and tossed the potatoes with white truffle oil. The slightly pungent aroma of the oil paired with a simple sprinkle of salt and pepper transformed the otherwise bland and ordinary boiling potato into a flavorful addition to an entree salad. The best part of the hasselback comes from the flat surface at the bottom which turns dark brown and crisps up in the oven to form a crunchy bottom.


  1. This is definitely an interesting way to dress up a basic potato! Thanks for sharing.

    Something Ivory

  2. Oh, my gosh! You're making me so hungry! My husband and I LOVE Truffle oil. There's really nothing better. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. :-)

  3. These look delish!! My husband loves potatoes and cooking this way would definitely be an extra treat!!
    xx. McKenna Lou


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