Thursday, December 13, 2012

Inspired by...

Hey everyone, Heather from hmn photography here! I’m so excited to be a guest blogger on Stay In The Lines, where every Thursday I’ll be sharing one of my photos that inspired me in some way. Each image is accompanied with some tips, diy ideas or even just a few words to help inspire you to recreate the week's image! Cheers! ~heather

I took this image in a cute little shop in midtown Detroit called Nest. A little aside, I’m in love with air plants (mostly because they don’t require lots of TLC. What can I say, I’m really forgetful sometimes!). My photo, along with the fast approaching holiday season, inspired an idea for a tree bedecked in air plant ornaments, the bleached and tangled branches resembling driftwood of the manzanita tree, and some birch scattered stars. Drape with some gorgeous red french ribbon and incorporate some shine from a vintage copper mix to create a beautiful and eclectic spin on traditional tree trimming.

Clockwise from top right: one / two / three / four


  1. I love these decorations ! magical universe of christmas :)

    lucie wyffels


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