Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I am definitely one to admire and buy things based purely on their looks alone, it's what we are supposed to do when shopping anyways. But often the inspiration and meaning behind something makes the item even more meaningful. This was definitely the case while perusing through the shop of rustic and well made totes and iPad cases, along with the skilled artist's prints from NATIVE(X). The company supports Native American artists by selling their work in order to further spread the creative pursuits of Native artists. The company is set up so that each purchase not only supports the artists and strengthens the company's vision, it also funds art classes for children on reservations. I thought the story behind this company had such a unique and clear vision that I had to share their goods with all of you. Their Fall line is a collaboration with Seattle artist Nathaniel Wilkersen, a collection that features timeless textiles, leather, and his personal artwork. I'm planning on mixing one of his prints into my wall of art and have been eying a few of the tote bags for gifts this year.


  1. Love those tribal prints! Amazing!

  2. This is so neat. I'd never heard of Native(x) before, but I really love some of these pieces!

    Fizz and Frosting

  3. Cute!! What lovely tribal prints, the colors are so wonderful. xx. McKenna Lou

  4. What a great concept. I love that it gives back to the children, too -- that is so important! Thanks so much for sharing with us! This is a great gift idea for the person who has everything, too.

  5. Gorgeous! I love the patterns.


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