Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Raise your favorite glass

Top: The classic, The middle, The modern; Bottom: The classic, The middle, The modern

The holiday party season is in full swing which means dishes are being prepared, ovens are crisping up cookies, and tables are being set. With everything styled down to the ring that graces each napkin, it's important to pay attention to those often overlooked details like glasses. I'm a bit of a classic when it comes to toasting my favorite sparkly beverage, but with an abundance of glass styles I'm open to rethinking my stance. I've rounded up my favorite options for the classic at heart, the free spirited modernist, and the one dancing between the two. Sleek and skinny stems are the key to keeping those traditional wine and champagne sippers fresh, while carved details or stem-free options help take that step in a new direction. Go for a completely new look with a flat Spanish style glass for reds and an angled coupe for a new take on champagne sipping. Whichever glass your table holds, pop the good stuff and toast the holidays with a few bottles among friends.


  1. These are all beautiful, I love them each in different ways. I would love to start a collection of various glasses, wouldn't that be so fun?

  2. I fell for Spanish wine glasses when we were in Granada a few summers ago, and every time I see them I think, "Oh yes, I need some of those!" Some three years later and I still don't have a one...

  3. I love these glass ideas! I have ones that are like the middle design but would love to get some of the classic ones...they are so elegant!


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