Monday, January 21, 2013

Art in the home

Modern: Mel Bochner, Bryan Nash Gill, Young Sook Pak
Mixed: Bec Britain, Daniel Egneus, Jack Hardwicke
I have always admired artists and have been lucky enough to work in settings that have allowed me to get to know a handful of their work. I have only a few pieces hung alone on the walls of my home, but I've always wanted to build a true collection that reflects not only my taste, but the setting and style of the home. My place happens to be a vintage-style abode with hard wood and classic elements like a tile fireplace, therefore I want my art to accent this distinct look, but for people in those fancy lofts and modern homes, the art on the walls might react in a completely different way. While putting this post together I took it as an opportunity to look for new artists while revisiting a few of my favorites. In the end, the pieces discovered created two very distinct collections, one that is sleek and modern (minimal) and another that is eclectic and bright. Works on paper, blacks and white, and precise pieces seemed to inspire a very clean and minimal look, while whimsical water-colors and a big dose of shimmer looked like it could compete with a home with worn in character. However the dwelling is designed these mini collections will hopefully create a great starting point for what I hope will be a growing collection with a cohesive theme.

Does anyone collect art or admire certain artists? I've also found websites like Artspace to be great sources for discovering new artists.


  1. I love this modern decor. Happy Martin Luther King Day!! xx. McKenna Lou

  2. Jaclyn, have you been on Artsy?

  3. My boyfriend and I collect the work of a localish artist named Dan McCarthy. He's pretty great and always has interesting work.


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