Thursday, January 24, 2013

Doctor it up

I've never been a huge homemade chili fan, partly because I really don't like preparing beans. Something about their texture has always been a bit questionable to me, but I have no problem eating the already cooked and seasoned versions. That is why I keep a few cans of turkey chili in my pantry for nights when I really don't want to make dinner, but want to trick myself into thinking I spent hours stirring a delicious chili over the stove. For how convenient these little cans of soup can be, the flavor is always going to be the same (and a bit boring) time after time. To personalize the end result a bit I've learned to add my own sprinkles and dashes of flavoring to trick guests into thinking this is my secret recipe. A generous scoop of smoked paprika, a few dashes of chili flakes and a topping of green onions and cheddar cheese are my go-to and have tricked more than a few diners into thinking I regularly cook chili. For a cool contrast add chopped cherry tomatoes on top as an alternative to sour cream.


  1. Haha, I know the feeling. I have a hard time cooking some things but no problem eating them.

    And these photos are beautiful! What font are you using?

    1. Thanks! The fonts are Strangelove and Channel


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