Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Inspired by" with Heather

Last Saturday, we had an unseasonably warm day. I mean, 60 degrees in January? It would have been foolish not to take advantage of such gorgeous weather!
I soon realized though, that it was just a fleeting glimpse of spring, here one day and gone the next. And while I don't despise winter, the cold weather and gray skies have been making me long for warmer weather and flashes of brilliant color. As I walked through the local market on my lunch break, I couldn't help but notice these vibrantly painted wooden chairs. I was inspired to find a few fun items with that splash of color I've been craving. Hope they make your day a bit brighter!

Heather's picks:
Madeline Chair, Day in the Fun print, Quay Retro Sunglasses
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  1. I love those chairs!! the colors are perfect and they ad such brightness to the room. xx. McKenna Lou

  2. If only I had a cute place to decorate.. I would totally buy those chairs. Love!


  3. Love the colors of the chairs, they add such a happy vibe to the room. Thanks for stopping by!.

  4. Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even lookbook if you want...just let me know :3 <3



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