Friday, January 11, 2013

Life lately

A new haircut for a new routine
After last week's confession that juggling multiple new routines was starting to get to me, this week everything felt like it was falling into place. Our living room is on its way to completion, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are able to be prepared at home, and my clothes are finally hung neatly in the closet. This week also involved a bit of discovery and a re-acquaintance with the areas Paul and I love in LA. A few walks around the neighborhood introduced us to a go-to cafe and dimly lit bar, while a trip downtown reminded us of the favorite spots we need to return to. A new haircut kicked off the week and a dinner on our un-cluttered dining room table will wrap everything up. I imagine this is the path to a fun new adventure and I can't wait to let the final pieces fall into place.

A hike above Beachwood Canyon

Ukeleles in a cluttered estate sale
An oversized light and air sculpture at the LA Art Walk


  1. I also got a new hair cut, but yours is way better.

  2. Looks like life has been pretty good lately - love your snaps, gorgeous photos!



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