Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Places to go, people to see

I am very excited to announce a new blog series I'm going to be starting all about interesting places and people. I always love reading about restaurants, galleries, shops, and various stops as well as the people who run them so I felt the best way to showcase each find would be through a series about them. It might be a stop in a new neighborhood, a favorite locale from a reader, or a little gem I like to visit every week and want to share. All of which are bits of information you can tuck away for future travels or just for a bit of inspiration. This week I'm showcasing my new favorite stop in Culver City called Surfas Culinary District. It's a bakers and restauranteurs dream that houses any pan, dish, food coloring, gourmet accoutrement, molded silicon apparatus that you could ever want. Strolling the aisles of food goods and cooking hardware always gets me dreaming of a gourmet meal I would love to attempt. The entrance also houses one of the best cheese cases I have come across with reasonably priced offerings and samples galore. On the way out Surfas offers a great little cafe with salads, thin baguette sandwiches, and tempting sweets to fill you up on the way home. I'm eying the mini tart cups they offer and have been stocking up on their numerous piping bag tips for future frosting endeavors.

mini tartlet cookie cups ready to be filled
Cake tins of all sizes perfect for making the best tiered cake
A cupcake liner for every mood, theme, or holiday


  1. This place is fabulous! I love cupcakes so all those cupcake liners put a huge smile on my face.

  2. Those mini tartlet cups look incredible... I can think of about ten things I'd like to fill them with already!

    xo Naomi / www.BeReadyBravely.com

  3. Love this series, and what a fantastic first feature!

  4. Those cake tins and liners! WANT!

    Fleur de Lyss


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