Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rose gold spring

Burlap hurricanes / Succulents / Champagne flute / Napkin / Rhino plate / Wood plate / Flatware
The moment I saw Cadbury Eggs pop up alongside Peeps in the grocery store I immediately began planning my Easter holiday. Of course the Easter egg hunts are long and gone, but the feeling of the day remains the same. This day always hints towards the coming of spring and reminds me of a breakfast shared among family, then a gathering of loved ones in the afternoon. Of course, an event like this needs an equally spring-like setting, one that moves away from the deep pallet of winter and lightens up substantially with a hint of blooms and fresh skies. I've always been drawn to the glimmering shade of rose gold because it is a hue that doesn't often pop up. The blush tint seems to cut the yellow of gold and offer a softer more feminine feel. The metal pairs perfectly with deep greens and textural woods, rough burlap, and faint green plants, which are the shades I pulled together as inspiration for a whimsical Easter table. A covetable set of rose gold flatware lies perfectly next to a numerous yet conversation-worthy emerald plate (proper rhinos are all the rage). A second wood plate highlights the rough texture of burlap hurricanes while a low arrangement of succulents adds that needed bit of nature without piling on the spring floral feel. Top it off with blush colored champagne flutes and the brunch table provides its own indoor bloom.


  1. Oh my goodness, those flutes–they're setting my heart a-flutter!

  2. Such a great combination! I love love love the flatware! xx

    elle [wonderfelle world]


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