Monday, November 18, 2013

The beginning of something new... meet Popover!

Over the past year I've felt like everything has been coming together, Paul and I are back in LA, we're both deep into full time careers, and our home is nearing completion (minus all of the furniture and decor I'm mentally buying). The passing months have also proven difficult to maintain a full time blog. I've toyed with the idea of shelving the site, archiving the posts, and taking a break from the online world, but not having that creative outlet was a frightening thought. Plus, the support I've received from readers is so uplifting and something I am truly thankful for. As any creative person knows it's very easy to come up with an idea, try it out for a bit, then think of a new idea, try that one out, then leave a path of unfinished concepts along the way. This familiar pattern is probably why I am rambling right now.... Well, this little thought of closing up the blog kept nagging at me but I knew if I kept focusing on an end goal the process and way to get there would reveal itself. And so, the goal of creating an online lifestyle journal, a curated collection of stylish people, places, and products was set. All of this build up and I'm ready to announced that Stay in the Lines has become the precursor to a new endeavor and company called Popover!

Popover is a lifestyle journal that showcases not just my voice, but that of contributors and collaborators of the site. It's the place for stylish finds, go-to for entertaining ideas, clued-in friend for new destinations and not-to-miss spots, a cook’s, baker’s, and foodie’s resource, a creative collaborator, but most of all it captures the little bits of life and style that happen over morning coffee, lunch with friends, or cocktails at a party.

This isn't the end of my writing or lifestyle tips, but rather a new platform that I am incredibly excited to share with current and new readers. It's a way to be more dynamic, collaborate with new people, and share great finds that I can't do alone with the blog. I hope everyone enjoys the new website because I'm excited to share it and! Check out what I've been building (and my incredible husband has been coding) over these past months. I hope the old readers will follow me in this new direction and future readers will enjoy what is being built. I can't wait to see how Popover grows and matures in this next phase.

Thank you for all of the support! Visit Popover here.


  1. Congratulations on this new venture -- so exciting!! Heading over to check it out now!

  2. What a wonderful new concept–congratulations!


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