Blueberry ricotta pastries 
Lemon cherry scones
Warm apple toast 
Lemon pancakes with fresh blueberry syrup
Mango strawberry juice
Fresh strawberry jam
Sausage and pepper frittata
Pop tarts
Boxed pancakes with flair 
Tri-berry oven pancakes

Appetizers & Snacks
Blueberry and blue cheese
Cinnamon roasted almonds
Chocolate cuties 
Goat cheese honey thyme spread
Gourmet PB&J
Gouda and apple panini 
Honey and brie puffs
Roasted tomato caprese 
Orange and raspberry ice cubes

Basic bistro salad
Coconut rice
Honey cinnamon roasted potatoes 
Sweet corn salad
Leek and mushroom risotto
Mache with goat cheese purses
Pomegranate and prosciutto salad
Roasted root veggie salad with goat cheese 
Roasted tomatoes with pesto and goat cheese 
Truffled hasselback potatoes
Watermelon and jicama salad
Watermelon and arugula salad 

Main Course
Arugula and ricotta spaghetti
Asparagus and gruyere tarts 

Asparagus and mushroom quinoa
Baked turkey meatballs
Beer batter shrimp and basil
Butternut squash and sage ravioli 
Cold soba noodle bowl
Faux curry tofu bowl 
Papardelle with baby squash and mushrooms
Linguine and clams
Lemon basil tagliatelle
Roasted butternut squash and curry soup
Broccoli and arugula soup
Chicken tacos with chili sauce
Cilantro lime fish tacos
Torn tomato and basil pasta
Crab potpies 
Roasted butternut squash and garlic ravioli with sage
Smoked salmon toast and arugula salad
Special - 3 last minute dinner options

Breads & Muffins
Almond streusel muffins
Cheddar jalapeno cornbread
Indulgent coffee cake
IPA quick bread
Lemon raspberry muffins
Herbes de Provence popovers
Orange pound cake

Almond ginger toasted marshmallow squares
Apple crisp
Blueberry lemon crostata with ginger whipped cream 
Chia seed pudding
Chili molasses cookies
Cinnamon toast cookies 
Chocolate stout cake

Double peanut butter cookies
Hazelnut and white chocolate cookies
Homemade oreos
Amazing hot chocolate 
Frosting tricks
Lemon curd raspberry tart
Lemon thyme bars
Meyer lemon crepe cake 
Pie crust
Pumpkin spice cupcakes with brown sugar frosting
Raspberry cheesecake cupcakes
Ricotta with blueberries
Strawberry shortcakes 
Surprise guest cake 
Valentine's Day sugar cookies
Vanilla Sugar
Dark chocolate mendiants 
Whiskey caramel sauce

Blush margarita 
Cucumber spa water 
Green veggie juice
Kiwi and soda
La Rosette 
Fleur champagne 
Tuscan Lemonade
Old Fashioned